EasyTilesetFixer4AndEngine - Make Easily tilesets for AndEngine

EasyTilesetFixer4AndEngine (ETF4AE) is easy tool for transform the most useds tileset format for the format used in framework for game AndEngine


Download the MegaPack with 50 tilesets fixeds for AndEngine here

Tileset usual format

  • Tile Size: 32px 
  • spacing: 0px 
  • margin: 0px 
  • no aditional requires 

Tileset used in AndEngine format

  • Tile Size: 34px (ETF4AE auto-resize tile) S
  • pacing: 2px; 
  • Margin: 3px; 
  • add: 1px space in each corner


download and uncompress the [download id="12"]

for quick use copy your tileset image in same folder of the fixer4ae.jar with name input.png and tiles with 32px and run command

java -jar fixer4ae.jar

for custom options use -u options and show the usage commands

java -jar fixer4ae.jar -u

Optional Build

The EasyFixer resize tiles using simple resize method, for best result you can use other tool, without interpolation method. For purchase tiles with 32px use tools like photoshop,fireworks (using nearest neighbor) or GIMP. Change for percent and insert size informatins 106,25% of Width and 106,25% of Height

Original Source: Nicolas Gramlich