Android Free and Beautiful Interfaces and Libraries for Download (Open Source)

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Download de Layouts e Templates para Android, Views em XML, Dicas de Design e muito mais.


An Android Toast replacement, similar to the one seen in the GMail app.
Features [...]

FadingActionBar is a library which implements the cool fading action bar effect [...]

Inspired by the new 4th version of the Android Play Store, Pager Sliding TabStri [...]

ProgressButton is a custom progress indicator with a tiny footprint. Based on th [...]

Implementation of the fragment with the ability to display indeterminate progres [...]

This project is meant for people who want to display a calendar view and show th [...]

This library provides an easy way to include an autonomous layer/view that slide [...]

The Android Design Guidelines describe using Panels or Multi-pane Layouts. Th [...]

HoloCircularProgressBar is a beautiful custom view implementation for Android yo [...]

The folks over at 47 Degrees release the source code for the super-useful Swip [...]

A simple, well-designed date picker for Android and iOS by Square.

RoundedImageView is an ImageView based on a blog post by Romain Guy showing the [...]

An easy to use ViewPager that adds an awesome set of custom swiping animations. [...]

StickyGridHeaders provides an enhanced GridView that shows items in sections wit [...]

This one is a circular Seekbar view for Android.
It behaves like any other View, [...]

QuiltView displays views of different sizes in a horizontal/vertical scrollab [...]

This is a modified version of Android’s experimental StaggeredGridView. Th [...]

A Parallax ScrollView which takes a background and foreground view, in the Paral [...]

By Lars Werkman
A beautiful Android Holo themed color picker designed by Marie S [...]

The Andorid 4.0 CalendarView backported to Android 2.1

By Nicolas Desjardins
An Android ViewGroup that implements a paged grid with dr [...]

Google’s Now popular Cards UI has everyone fascinated.
Now a library I cre [...]

Inspired by Google Music’s Android app, this android library will create a [...]

By Lars Werkman
This is a implementation of the QuickReturn UI (aka Scrolling Tr [...]

IconicTextView is an extension of Android TextView class which provides support [...]

The Android widget class library contains only one “slider” like w [...]

By David Scott
RibbonMenu, based on Google+ app, is a sliding drawer style nav [...]

By Tjerk Wolterink
Not happy with the Android’s ExpandableListView android [...]

Forked from Michael Pardo‘s AndroidUtils git repo, this ChartView exampl [...]

The famous ViewPagerIndicator is a collection of paging indicator views, compati [...]

By Andreas Krings
Andreas Krings was in need of a TextView that has a fixed wi [...]

An android custom view which looks like the menu in Path 2.0 (for iOS).

By Andreas Krings
Finally, a custom view that mimics Android’sSwitch ori [...]

By Roman Nurik and Nick Butcher
ScrollTricks implements two nifty little scro [...]

By Jeremy Feinstein
SlidingMenu is an Open Source Android library that allows de [...]

By Roman Nurik
The standard ProgressBar view and activity indicators work well f [...]

By Roman Nurik
Entering data and filling out forms on mobile devices kind of suc [...]

By Nadav Fima
The GlowPadView library is basically Android’s Lock Ring (wa [...]

By Roman Nurik
A growing trend across social and communication-related apps is t [...]

By Alex Curran
The Showcase view is designed to highlight and showcase specific [...]

By Alessandro Crugnola
A realistic wheel view for Android, which vibrates on dra [...]

Android has an useful tool in security settings, it is Lock Pattern. User [...]

By Chris Banes
PhotoView aims to help produce an easily usable implementation of [...]

By Jeff Gilfelt
This project provides an easy way to annotate map overlay items [...]

By Evgeny Shishkin
Implementation of in-layout notifications. Based on Toast  [...]

By Chris Banes
This project aims to provide a reusable Pull to Refresh widget fo [...]

By Arindam Nath
A radial menu widget released in this tumblr post.

By Łukasz Milewski
A simple but powerful menu drawer implementation. A lot of [...]

A simple implementation of coverflow for Android. It is largely based on code e [...]

The Wheel Widget by Yuri Kanivets is supposed to serve as Android’s eq [...]

By Daniel Nam
iPhone like fast scroll ListView on Android.

by Roman Nurik.
This is Android 4.0 style Swipe-To-Dismiss implementation.
The [...]

By Jeff Gilfelt
A simple way to “badge” any given Android view at ru [...]